Customising PestFriend 
PestFriend is a system that can be customised by the user company via a series of controls. Most of these are set on the Office machine and then updated on the Mobile computers. Controls fall into two main categories; those required for the system to function and those required to provide data for all the reporting aspects of PestFriend.


Changing Controls
Controls required by the system include the Pest Control company details and VAT rates. Once set, they rarely change. For a new system, Friendly Data Solutions Ltd. will pre-configure these initial values.

The second category is the data type standards. Within this type, there are some that will rarely change - typified by a Pest Group or Material Group heading. Group headings are used in PestFriend to separate what would be a very long list into more easily viewed sub-lists.

The detail records (which may be under a group heading) are the most likely records to have additions or changes. Whilst a PestFriend system will be supplied with a standard list of various the texts, the system provides the opportunity to add texts to meet local requirements or personalize text included in site reports or recommendations.

Careful consideration has been given to the best place to supervise the updates for all controls used by the system. In most cases the decision is that the Office machine is the appropriate place to control the data although there are special cases typified by a Technicians name where the name and reference details are added on the Office machine but the Technicians signature is added on the Mobile machine.

All Customisable Controls used by PestFriend are modified via an input form included in the Office Menu system.