Expenses and Mileage

PestFriend enables a Technician to enter incidental expenses accrued during the course of visiting sites. The actual categories of expense and standard suppliers are set on the Office machine for use by Technicians on the Mobile machines. The categories enable the expense to be placed under a major sub-heading (such as cleaning materials, building materials or fuel) whilst the supplier list encourages use of a limited set of suppliers.

Providing the ability to record daily mileage gives a record of business and private use of any vehicle. The record also allows the number of visits made in a day to be recorded - a figure that can be cross-referenced to the Site Visit Reports.


Actual Expenses incurred by a Technician can be entered into PestFriend. The data entry form enables the type of expense, the supplier and cost to be entered. For each entry, details of the expense can be added; this could be a receipt number or details of the items covered by entry.

Whilst Parking is identified on the Site Visit Report, there can be times when the actual cost is not incurred by the Technician (such as the use of a Company Credit Card or the cost is covered under a parking contract). Thus parking is declared by the Technician as and when they incur the expense.

A record of the expenses claimed is transferred to the Office machine to provide ongoing history and analysis.


In addition to Expenses, PestFriend allows the recording of the daily mileage incurred based on start / end of day speedometer readings. The input allows for recording private mileage and the number of site visits made. Data is passed back to the Office machine as part of the update process.

This data allows a check to be made on various aspects of a vehicle usage, provides a record for tax purposes and keeps the company aware of when the next vehicle service is required.