Fly Units Pest Results.


Fly Units For A Site

Recording details of the servicing and insect catch results for Fly Units is controlled via the Site Report features. The design ensures all units are checked located on a site. For increased speed, the units can be barcoded.

All Fly Units are initially loaded to the system via the Office machine. This ensures that only units covered by a service agreement are checked. It also gives control of sourcing approved fly units - enabling a Pest Control company to make a commercial decision on including units not sourced through the company.


Fly Units On A Site

Fly Units details are installed on the Office computer and once the unit has been locate and inspected on a site, the details will be added to site visit report.

Fly Unit data entry is from a tab on the site report screen. The Technician can record the standard checks plus a record / count of insects found, plus materials used to service the units. All information is a subset of the main list which only show items related to Fly Units

Example of a page from a Fly Unit Report

*The Fly Unit Report can show up to 4 units per A4 page.

If data is entered for Fly Unit reports, an indicator is set on the main Site Visit report to show a Fly Unit Report has also been created. It has a series of tick boxes to indicate standard checks have been made, as well as listing Materials and Insects found.



  • System generates a list of units to be checked - never miss one on a visit.
  • Create a service record for the fly unit.
  • History of how effective each fly unit has been - enables trends and problems to be identified.
  • Create a professional looking printed reports, saving time.
  • Fly Unit Reports forms part of the Site Report pack .
  • Reports can be reprinted at any time - eliminates faded NCR copy reports.