Historical Analysis

All data from Site Visits, Quotes, Invoices and Expenses is stored by the system when input is completed. Data from Mobile units is copied to the main Office machine as part of transfer process so Office has a copy of all Mobile machines data thus acting as a backup for the data.




Contract Invoice Analysis.

  • Review actual number of visits to customers against contracted.
  • Highlight where visits are overdue / missed for contract customers.
  • Analysis of type of visit by customer.
  • Examine costs like parking and mileage which can be added to Contract Price.
  • Review prices through detailed examination of visits report.
  • No faded or unreadable reports on NCR paper.

Expenses Analysis.

  • Parking not charged / charged to contract.
  • Additional "once off" materials and fuel.
  • Mileage - business and personal.
  • Number of visits in a day.

Material and Quantity Analysis.

  • Identification of quantity and material used on each site which aids rotation.
  • Improves stock control.
  • Aids justification of Contract Costs.
  • Ability to calculate annual usage.




Contract Analysis.

  • Check for any additional visits needed. Increases/ decreases in infestations.
  • Abilityto identify "overdue" Contract visits before a customer becomes aware.

Routine Work planning.

  • Allows improved control over regular visits.
  • Provides check to ensure Contracted visits are not missed.

Monthly issue of invoices

  • Ensures timely issue of invoice in minutes. No missed invoices.
  • Ability to temporary suspend a site to cover items such as building work or holidays.