PestFriend is more than just a very quick reporting system. The main menu shown below gives a clue to the areas available in PestFriend. Each main menu item opens up a sub-menu with a hosts of features for the selected item. All the features in PestFriend give the Pest Controller a positive return on the investment in the software. We are totally confident that PestFriend will save you money in the first year of use.


  • Consistent pricing for the same work in the same area.
  • History of work and price charged on previous visits.
  • Pricing which takes account of local conditions - nothing overlooked.
  • Job Work Invoices produced on site - improves cash flow.
  • Ability to monitor Invoice payments made during a site visit.
  • All Contract Invoices for a month created in seconds.
  • Minimises the opportunity of missing a Contract Invoice.
  • Invoices can be produced by site or directed to a Head Office.
  • Statements of outstanding Invoices to help chase overdue payment.
  • Analysis of Site Visit data highlights ongoing problems.
  • Never lose a copy of a Site Report but reprint for customer with ease.