Company Recording Facilities

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History of all visits made available centrally. Ensures consistent pricing from quote to visit and on quotes covering a period of time. Always includes extra costs for more difficult / expensive areas. Your Technician's Information enables you to control your business easily. Two way transfer from mobile units to office allows Database to be updated. Every technician has separate identity details with control features to ensure information can not duplicated.


Central Database

All features accessed via a comprehensive menu driven selection. Data input onto simple forms which check validity as the information is keyed or selected.

Site Visits

  • Storage of all site visit information.
  • History of Visit.
  • Monitor Visit Costs.
  • Total visits and Types analysis.


  • Instant Quotes for telephone requests.
  • Factor Standard Costs by Post Code.
  • Create an Invoice from a Quote with the press of a button.
  • History of Quotes given ensures no discrepancies.


  • Job Work and Contract Invoices, also created from quotes.
  • Can show a deposit paid and Material Delivery costs.
  • Contract Invoices entered once - dates automatically advanced on renewal.
  • Review Contract Invoices.
  • All Contract Invoices produced and reviewed in a matter of minutes.
  • Includes the ability to temporary suspend a Contract.
  • No overlooked Contract Invoices - setup once then leave until changed.


  • Based on standard rates for a job or adjusted by customer's Post Code.
  • Prices reviewed at any time on the Office machine and sent to all Mobiles.
  • Materials show suppliers cost and selling price.
  • Pricing ensures that all jobs will include a suitable profit margin.


  • Defined once but can then be used many times.
  • Gives time to check spellin and grammer. (Oops!!!! spelling and grammar!!!)
  • Leaves a professional impression of your company on reports.
  • Standard texts passed to all Mobiles when added or changed.
  • Will not change texts on created Site Visit Reports.

Bar Coding and Fly Units

  • Initial point to add units or locations to the system.
  • Bar Code labels can be created locally or purchased preprinted.
  • Provision for recording the location of units.
  • History of units including materials used (eg baits or tubes / starters).
  • Bar Coding adds value to contracts by being able to prove devices have been checked.


  • The system will always open with the main menu.
  • Each main menu item opens several sub-menus giving easy access to all controls.
  • Main controls adapt your company needs - no software customisation.
  • Central Data on the Office machine and published to all mobiles.
  • Main Menu also controls when data is collected from Mobiles and sending changed controls / standard data back to the mobiles.