Your Problems Solved

Writing your reports. Making / monitoring recommendations.

Controlling your site visits reports. Proof of inspections undertaken.

Making copies of faded NCR reports. Issue of Site Visit Invoices.

Controlling Contract Invoice issue. Finding true costs of Contract Visits.

Quotation preparation. Calculating expenses.

Yearly Analysis.

SAVINGScost calculator

  • Replace expensive NCR Paper for Reports, by plain, or pre-printed headed paper.
  • Time saved writing reports, allows for more jobs.
  • Make sure all costs are charged - parking, congestion charges, postcode costs.
  • Time required to find and copy an old faded NCR report, just reprint.
  • Job Work Invoice in seconds gets payment on site, enhanced cash flow.
  • Standard prices means all staff quote the same price.
  • All Contract Invoices for the month raised in seconds.
  • History information controls unprofitable work.
  • Contract Work - ensure none are missed.
  • Pest History helps highlight infestations needing additional work.
  • Eliminates manual filing and the space required for cabinets.

Each item adds to your savings which means PestFriend pays for itself in the first year.

Monthly Rental Plan means a low cost start up with the savings covering the rental many times over.

Doing Nothing Will Hurt Your Profits.

Contact Friendly Data Solutions to for our special trial software and start saving money.

Our software is priced to allow you to make a profit and us to develop new features to save you more money.