Quotes and Invoices

PestFriend allows a Technician to create a Job Work Quote plus Invoice on site in seconds and handing an Invoice to a customer at the end of the job, delayed payment through “lost in the post” is removed. If payment is received, the Technician can mark the Invoice as paid. A total of all paid Invoices can be printed at end of day to give a cross check against receipts.

Creating a Quote and converting it to an Invoice on site.

Five Quick Steps to Create an Invoice on Site

1. Select the Site on the Quote Form
2. Add Job Items and increase quantities (if required)
3. Switch the Quote to an Invoice
4. Enter any Delivery Costs or Deposits Paid
5. Print Invoice and hand to Customer for payment

Options and Data Sources

  • Customers and Sites - entered once then used when required
  • Standard Invoice Items - obtained from your priced Master File
  • Standard Prices can be factored up based on Site Post Code
  • Prices can be adjusted for just that Quote
  • Enter a negative price to create a “Credit Note”
  • Ability to record an Invoice as paid and payment method

Contract Invoices.

PestFriend reduces the monthly task on contract Invoicing to one taking up just a few minutes. Set up a contract with the repeat intervals, value and start date then allow the system to produce Invoices with correct dates on the due months. This feature is one of our show stoppers at every exhibition where we have shown PestFriend.

For all Invoices, PestFriend includes provision for recording the date payment is received or reconciled with bank statements. For overdue payments it will generate statements which can include invoices for more than one site if payment comes from a head office. As part of the standard facilities are overdue reminder letters.

Whilst a distinction is made between Job Work and Contract Quotes / Invoices the differences are in the way data is handled. The screens look similar to a user which helps ensure the correct information is entered.

Find out more about Contract Invoices. operated only from the Office Machine

Five Easy Steps to Contract Invoicing


Job Work Invoices.

An Invoice can be created from a Quote at the touch of a button with all the key information already entered. Delivery costs or deposit paid can be included to give a final cost. The date payment received can be entered to stop subsequent Statements being raised for an outstanding payment.

Payment date and method can be created from each Mobile machine - thus providing a reconciliation between the physical payments passed to the Office by an Operator including Invoices marked as paid. Details are passed to the Office machine as part of the end of day processing.

PestFriend tracks unpaid Invoices, providing traceability of all payments received from Invoice issue until payment.


Job Work Quotes

Quotes can be for a specific customer or initially for a “dummy” customer to cover the telephone enquiry for a price.

  • Standard Job Work list including a regular cost for the work.
  • Produce quotes in seconds from Standard Job Work lists.
  • Factor the Price by Post Code to take account of extra local costs.
  • Default quantity of 1 can be amended and will automatically recalculate value total.
  • Ability to override the price to take account of all circumstances.
  • Enter customer details for an enquiry; converts to real customer details when quote is accepted.
  • Quote details used to create an invoice.
  • Quotes raised and those converted to actual work record.


The Quote facility offers:

  • Enquiry Quotes produced in seconds.
  • Conversion of an enquiry to a firm quote.
  • Firm Quotes linked to a specific customer / address.
  • Consistent pricing for an area / type of job.
  • Entered Quote to provide the majority of Invoice data.
  • History of Quotes created.


Contract Quotes

Contract Quotes can be created in various formats to match respective commercial or private sites. The actual text employed can be defined / modified via the Office machine for use in all subsequent quotes.

On site, the operator enters key data such as the number of treatments a year, minimum contract length, repeating cost, initial setup cost, pests covered or excluded and the Customer / Site details.

  • Create a Contract Quote in seconds and never miss entering key information.
  • Construct emplates for various types of contracts (eg private house, business premises, factory, restaurant).
  • Add key information - customer, repeat period, pests groups covered / excluded contract value and start date.
  • Then just print and pass to customer.
  • All key information required to set up the Repeating Contract Invoice feature is available.

The completed form is used to set up a Contract Invoice record on the Office machine which determines parameters for the initial Contract Invoicing. Including details of the interval between payments, allows the system to advance all dates included in the Invoice Header and within the descriptive text in the body of the Invoice without the need for further user input.



Invoices can be created from Job Work Quote data or from a list of repeating Contracts.