The Simple Way To Control Jobs

PestFriend Diary Scheduling is very simple to use with input via the comprehensive menu which compliments tailored updating and reporting included within the various functions used by Technicians / Managers. 

For instance, when a Technician completes a Site Report, they are given the opportunity of clearing a Scheduled Visit, adding extra fillow up visits and printing a list of planned future visits to a Customer / Site.

PestFriend Diary Scheduling

● Fully integrated into PestFriend
● Provides Work To Lists and Management Reports
● Add a year of Contract Visits in seconds
● Load Job Work visits when booked
● Clear planned visits via Site Reporting
● Add Follow Up visits also via Site Reporting
● Print a Customer Specific “Planned Visits” report
● Overdue Visit Reporting

Entry Options

For each Diary Entry can:

● Allocate to a specific Technician
● Group by Area Code (default is Postcode Area)
● Add a “Booked” date and time (over-rides simple “Planned” date)

Contract Scheduling

● Define Contract Visits Once
● Add all Contract Visits at start of year
● Top up with new customers during year
● Monitor Visits Actually made in year
● Compliments Contract Invoicing


● Managers Work Load Reports (Next 14 and 30 days plus overdue)
● Work To list (next 7 days plus overdue visits)
● All Scheduled Visits
● All Scheduled Visits for a selected Customer
● All Scheduled Visits for a Technician
● Detailed reports by Planned Date or confirmed Booked Date
● Overdue Visits Only - Total or by Technician

Managers Work Load Report shows counts of jobs per day as an aide to balance workload