The user friendly answer to a successful Pest Control business

Visit's data entered on site & produces a printed visit report. Facilities to produce quotes and invoices on site.All the visit's data is transferred to the central data base and will be stored in the visit history.


The central database is used to store / set information and parameters used by the system. All changes will be transferred at the next update to the mobile machine.

Data can be entered using a multitude of different devices Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPC) or Netbooks running MS Windows XP, Windows 7/ 8 Tablets. The system can also be used on non-tablet versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 using Netbooks or larger mobile computers.

PestFriend make all aspects of a Pest Controller's work quicker, whilst reducing costs & making sure all charges are included for the job.

We are confident in the first year of use, PestFriend will have a positive effect on profits. Doing nothing will cost you money.


Site Visit Data Entry

A full Site Visit Report can be created in less than 2 minutes using an appropriate mobile machine, which looks as if it is personally written for the customer The report can be printed as part of the visit or re-printed at a later date. Eliminates all the problems of faded handwritten reports and costly NCR paper.

To create a report, the Technician enters:

  • The customer's identity details from a simple drop down menu.
  • Adds key details for a new Customer / Site from a Mobile - will be checked by Office later.
  • Technicians personal identity recorded, length of visit and parking cost added.
  • Appropriate remarks and recommendation selected from text library. Non standard text such as referring to a photograph can be added.
  • Drop down menus to select areas and pest type found.
  • Bar Coded confirmation of areas checked and traps inspected can be included on A4 report, produced in a matter of minutes.
  • Previous site visit history available for an overview of historical problems and concerns.
    Technician Reminders, Expenses, parking and Mileage.
  • A copy of data entered is stored in the mobile as well as being passed to the Office machine at the next transfer.


Office Machine

Overall control of the system, setting values for menus / reports and storing Site Visit Histories is carried out via the Office Machine. It is a standard PC running MS Windows with the ability to communicate with each of the mobile machines via a fail safe two way transfer process to update data.

Facilities from the Office Machine include:

  • Storage and reprinting of Site Visit reports.
  • Creating / updating standard texts which can be used on Mobile Units.
  • Ability to tailor the system to your needs.
  • Visit totals analysis by Site, numbers and types of visit.
  • Yearly Visit Totals for Contract Customers.
  • Repeat Contract Invoices produced in seconds showing dates covered.
  • One off quotes with standard prices factored by Post Code, converted to invoices in seconds.
  • Easily controlled via a multi-level menu system.
  • Create mail shot labels for all Customers / Sites on your PestFriend System.
  • Validate new customers added by your Technicians.