An example of a site report is available for download

Report Download (includes an example of the Rodent smell warning)


The Clear A4 report which can be printed on site includes:
• Your company logo.
• Customer details.
• Unique Visit number, Visit date (generated by the system).
• Technicians Name, Client representative's name.
• Client representative's signature (on Tablet enabled machines).
• Clear indication of why Client is signing report.
• Automatic rodent smell warning if Rodents are declared for visit (standard issued text can be modified to suit your requirements).


Sections covering:
• Visit Report.
• Recommendations (including Responsibility).
• Pests Found.
• Materials used.
• Information.
Most of these sections can be shown as individual reports if required.


Other Stand alone Reports
• Fly Units
• Barcode Data (for Pest Control devices checked).
The main report will show a reference to both these reports if they are created.


*Alternative layout and contents are available.

*All data is stored to History for future use to check actions and trends.