Site Report


PestFriend produces site visit reports, including recommendations and ensures business control by storing all data to History. User input helped in developing many unique features. It records informatitechnician with mobile uniton for a customer site, enables sales leads to be recorded whilst providing office invoice and scheduling facilities.

The technician facilities are comprehensive. Entering data once and using in all other functions reduces imput time, whilst increasing profit.

Data security considerations ensure that critical business data is never compromised. Technicians can access information appropriate to the customer's site whilst the main office machine has access to all information. PestFriend is designed to run on any Windows enabled machine The mobile aspects are optimised for an Ultra Mobile computer or a Tablet Enabled Netbook.

Gone are the days of trying to remember what you did earlier in the day or week or trying to read faded NCR paper

To download a pack of reports related to Site Visits, click here.


Facilities for the Technician on Site

  • All relevant information to hand on a customer site. AIDS PEST CONTROL
  • Previous visit reports and recommendations. BEST CHEMICAL USE
  • Location of baited traps and insect detectors. QUICK REPORTS by Barcoding
  • Record all missing Pest Control Devices. SAVING By Keeping Customer Aware
  • Optional barcoding of devices for a rapid inspection. SAVING
  • Quotations from standard prices factored by Post Code. INCLUDES ALL COSTS
  • Predefined text, values and sentences creates reports in seconds. SAVING
  • A4 Visit and Recommendations reports printed on site. QUALITY REPORTS
  • Eliminates handwritten reports on NCR paper. SAVING
  • Expenses, parking, mileage. SAVING
  • Analysis of visits including overdue contract calls. EXTRA WORK CHARGED

Main Menu

The initial menu for PestFriend on a Mobile machine. Each button on the main section takes the user to a detail menu or an input form. The Transfer Buttons initiate the transfer of data to and from the Office machine.